Monday, September 17, 2007

Budgie Food

I finally found something my budgies like to eat besides seed. I know, it's amazing. Y'all are all shocked beyond belief. lol But really, these budgies are extremely picky eaters. I've tried tons of things with them, including foods every other fid loves, but no it's not for them. However, I have a success story. The food my budgies will eat is called Tropimix. It's from Hagen and this is how it is described on their website.

Tropimix Budgie, Canary & Finch Mix
Tropican egg granule-based formula with blend of top quality breadcrumbs, grains, extruded mash, fruits and vegetables. Fabulous egg food, most edible, designed for all finches, canaries and budgies.
CONTAINS: Fruits: papaya, pineapple, coconut Seeds: chopped oat groats, canary seed, hulled millet, niger seed, rape seed, flaxseed, hemp seed, sesame seed Vegetables: carrot Others: Tropican egg granules which contains egg protein, breeding mash which contains vitamins and minerals, breadcrumbs.

I can't believe they all eat it, but they do. I am so happy about this. I've been trying for as long as six years in some cases, to get them to like something new and I finally did it. So, if you have budgies that are picky as mine, check out Tropimix.


fuzzywhitedogs said...

Mmmmmm that sounds tasty! I think I might like it sprinkled on top of vanilla yogurt! :-D
Seriously though, I'm glad you found something they like to give them a little variety! It'll be interesting to see if you notice any difference in their appearance/health/feathers after they've been eating it for a while.

Jen Hoover said...

Yeah!!! I'm happy that you found something they *like* LOL crazy fids! ;)
My CAG -Pearl is now on the same brand Tropimix Large Parrot Mix ...I just switched her onto it, I'm not sure if she likes it or not. Do you still have other fids? I found a recipe (I could dig it up again if you are interested) for these little 'cake things' I made them and baked them in muffin tins and then froze them -both my budge and CAG like them -warmed of course!
thanks for the compliment on my cards and for the vote of encouragement re: trying for a CardTeam {{hugs}} btw-can you send me your email addy I don't have it?