Saturday, October 27, 2007

A 1000 Words

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This is my latest layout. It features one of the best pics I've every gotten of any of my fur babies. This is Sanosuke is January of this year. He is in the backseat of the Little 3.

The kit is called Two Solitudes. It is by She's Full of Scrap and will be available November 1 at Gotta Pixel. I love the colors in this kit. I also think the huge raffia wrap is great.


fuzzywhitedogs said...

Oh Cindy, I LOVE that - the photo, the papers, the arrangement... everything!

Sanosuke looks like he's such a cool character! It's not an easy thing to get a pic of a pet that truly shows his character, but you sure did it!

Love the way the paper looks like cloth! Did you stitch the zig-zag around the edges or is it a stamp? (...or, (just thought of this) is it all digital???)

Thanks for sharing!

fuzzywhitedogs said...

Oh, forgot to say - I love the raffia too! Haven't ever seen any used that way. What a great idea!

Jen Hoover said...

that is *SO* adorable!
more more more!!!! :D