Monday, April 14, 2008

10 Items or Less

I am wondering if people are confused with regards to the meaning of this statement. I am constantly standing behind people who have way more items than the number specified. I understand if you have 11 or 12 items. No big deal. However,when you have 30 or more items, I really think you should realize that you are over the limit. I know that Walmart doesn't have enough checkers. And I know the other lines are long and the people in those lines have full baskets. But I am in a hurry too and I only have eight items. I shouldn't have to wait behind a person with 30 item in their basket when that number three times the stated limit. So please, if you have 30 items in your basket, don't use the line where it is indicated "10 items or less". Your fellow shoppers will appreciate it.


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Next time just walk over and count their items outloud. When they look at you funny, say "Just checking." and smile.

ha ha

I hate that annoys me that people can't follow simple instructions.

Julz said...

OUCH! I know I have sound myself in that situation and realized it until I was in the front of the line... Some of us are dim witted... LOL Rather than suffer in silence please calmy walk up to me and politely (yet quietly)say "excuse me... did you realize you're in the express lane?" I will turn red and sheepishly move to another line... ;)

Julz said...

and please please please do the same thing if I have toilet paper hanging out of my pants or the back of my skirt tucked in my panthose