Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cards

I received my card order today. Alas, the preview they show on the website @ Winkflash doesn't show what it will look like after the card is cropped. :O( Now, my text at the bottom (i.e. Merry Christmas) is cut off along the bottom. If I wanted to return them, they would refund my money. Alas. I don't have time to redo the cards since Christmas is next week. A reprint would do no good, as the cards would have the same problem without a redo. So, I guess I will send them as is. :O( They are giving me a credit toward a future order, which is nice of them. Next year, I am ordering weeks in advance in case I need to send back my cards.


Kayla said...

My mom got card from CVS yesterday and we don't know how soon we are going to get them. We probably won't have time to send it to ALL of our family! We are also going to shop for cards weeks in advance next year. You live and you learn!

Kayla said...

Try posting on my blog again, tell me if it works or not. :)