Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome to 2011

If anyone missed it, a new year began today. It is officially 2011. Did you make any resolutions? I did. These really aren't new resolutions for me. I just hope 2011 will be the year I am finally able to make good on them. (No, I am not good at keeping my resolutions.)

For 2011, my resolution are:

--To exercise my faith more. Read my scriptures more. Pray more.
--Live a healthier lifestyle. Eat better and exercise more.
--Focus on what is important and worry less about the things that don't matter.

Of course, I did do a layout about my resolutions. I can't include it here, because it has been published. If you want to see the layout, you will need to check out the digital magazine. You can see my layout on page seven of the January 2011 issue of GingerScraps Street Magazine.

I also have one smaller resolution for 2011 and that is to be a better blogger. For 2011 I am going to find a schedule that allows me to keep up with my blog and enjoy doing it.

I hope everyone has a great 2011!! And good luck with your resolutions!

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