Monday, April 11, 2011

New Templates from Recherche by KH Designs

If you are like me, you will have times when you are just scrapbooking like crazy. You are just putting out a layout or two every day or so. And then *boom* the mojo monster strikes and yours is gone. When that happens to me, and it happens a little too often, then I start looking for ideas to get myself going again. I am on four creative teams, so I can't afford for my mojo to be gone for too long. One of the places I turn when I need a little extra help is templates.

Templates are such a great way to help you get started with a new layout. Plus they are so versatile. You can use a template "as is" or you can can rework it to fit the photos or your personal style. You can really make a template "yours". And Recherche by KH Designs has some new templates that I think you are really gonna like. Her latest templates are Tempting Starts Volume 1 and what makes them really cool is that each template comes with a glitter element that you can save to use on other layouts.

I've already created one layout using these templates. And I have at least one more planned, maybe two. Just depends on how this coming week goes. My first layout features my sweet dog Sazume. She is such a sweetheart that she deserves lots of layout featuring her cute face.

Layout Credits: Spring Bouquet from Daybreak Scraps and Recherche by KH Designs, Mud Puddles from Recherche by KH Designs and Tempting Starts Vol. 1 also from Recherche by KH Designs

I know a lot of us are working like made on ADSR 6, but I still recommend taking a breather and heading over to FunkyPlaygroundDesigns to checkout these templates.

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