Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Disappointment but happiness too

I didn't make the second CT I tried for, but you know what I am not as bummed as I had expected. For a brief moment I was bummed, but then I just went on. So not like me. I think it's cause I really love being on Steph's design team. I really like her designs. I think having someone else choose me made it much easier to accept the rejection. And usually I just don't do well with things like this.

Yesterday, I opened a MySpace account yesterday. Mostly because my hubby invited me to do so. Well today, I was contacted by some friends I haven't been in touch with for eight years. That was cool. And to think I had just opened my account. If anyone who reads this blog has an account, feel free to become my friend.

On Monday, I am starting a Biggest Loser challenge on one of my digi forums. I have totally not been motivated to diet lately, so hopefully this will get me back in gear. I do have a very competitive streak.

Be sure and check out my digi gallery. I have another layout done with a Steph Broccolo kit, plus I have completed at least one other layout y'all probably haven't seen, so go check it out.

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TammyB said...

(((hugs))) Sorry to hear you didn't make the DT you wanted. I'm not sure I could ever do that for anyone - the pressure would kill me!! LOL