Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday, my hubby to me to the Melting Pot for my birthday. It was yummy. We got the big night out. It's a four course meal. The first course was cheese fondue. The second was salad. I had a mushroom salad that was brimming with mushrooms. Yummy!!! Then we had a meat fondue for our main course. And for dessert, chocolate turtle fondue. It was so good. I had never been before,butfore,but I definitely enjoyed myself.

I got my gifts today, which is my actual bday. From my hubby, I got two DS Lite games, Super Mario Brothers and Animal Crossing. I also got money towards a new digi camers. My mom gave me money for the camera as well. Plus money to go out to dinner with my hubby. So, sushi is calling my name. A new place has opened up not too far from my house, so we will be checking that place out courtesy of my mom. :O)

Not too much else to tell. Hope all of my friends are having a great Sunday!!


{S} said...

Happy Birthday!!
Glad the melting pot was all you hoped. Sounds really interesting. ;~)

Jen Hoover said...

happy belated wishes!!