Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meet Spike

Everyone, meet Spike. He's a Mali Uromastyx. Our beloved Uromastyx Isabella passed away recently and we were very sad. Yesterday, we went in to the store where we got Spike. We weren't really planning on getting a lizard, we just wanted to look. Well, Spike just came sauntering up to the front of his aquarium and we just loved that. So, we met Spike and decided to make him part of our family. Just as Isabella did, Spike lives at our office. He's a young one, a little over 4 months and so active. He's definitely very interested in what's going on in my office. I sm so glad to have Spike at work with me again.
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TammyB said...

Oh wow - that's kinda kewl! I know my boys would love to have a lizard - LOL! I'm sorry to hear that you lost Isabella.

{S} said...

I'm sorry about Isabella.
Spike looks pretty cool. Keep us updated on his personality etc.