Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The People of Australia Need Your Help

I am taking a break from the pictures that I normally post to ask for your help.

The last count I saw, the death toll from the bush fires stood at over 170. The fires that have erupted are devastating Australia and they need our help. Please take a moment to donate via The Salvation Army or The Australian Red Cross. If everyone who read this gave even $5.00 it could make such a difference. So, if you have even a little to spare, please consider donating.

I suspect you are wondering why I am interested in this. In the digi scrapping community I have "met" so many wonderful people from Australia and they are asking for our help. I feel this is an extremely worthy cause, so wanted to ask my blog readers to join me in donating a few dollars to help those in need.

Thank you!

1 comment:

Chreamps said...

Great idea, Cindy, I feel the same way - some great gals from Aussie land. I donated via your link - thanks!