Monday, February 02, 2009

Time 4 An Update

Wow, I've let a little too much time pass since I last posted on my blog. Not sure what all I should post about. But lets start with the big news. We got David a 1977 Honda CB 750 K. He is so happy to have it. I haven't been on the back of it yet. But he wants to take it to have a little bit of work done by a friend of ours before I get it on it. He is a good hubby. Here is a pic from Saturday with him on the bike.

This past Friday, we went to see The Frog and The Toad at a local high school. We knew a couple of the young women in it. I really did think it was a cute play and Reva and Bailey did an awesome job with the choreography.

Last Wednesday, I helped the Beehives make altered notebooks. I am pretty sure they had a lot of fun. They seemed like they were having fun anyway.

I think these are the highlights of this week. Let me know if you think I missed something important. lol


Amanda J said...

The notebooks are so cute! you are very creative :) I am sure your beehives had fun and love you being their leader.

Kayla said...

That was alot of fun! Thanks for suplying all the supplies.