Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alternate Layout

Earlier today, I uploaded my layout for Round 2 of Battle of the Creative Teams at DigiScrapAddicts. For round one, my layout came together for me quite easily. I cannot say the same about this week's layout. Our challenge for this week was to pick a musical theme for all of our layouts. My team, Merkee's Menagerie, chose Disney Songs. I chose "A Dream is a Wish a Heart Makes" from "Cinderella". I ended up having the hardest time coming up with a layout that I liked and met all the elements we had chosen as a team. Here is what I finally came up with.

(You can see full credits here.)

After I finished this layout, I created a second to see if my team liked it better. I ended up not even submitting it to them, because it lacked some of the agreed upon elements (and adding on one of them would not have worked at all with the new layout). However, I really did like the layout, even though it is simple, so I am sharing it with my blog readers.

(You can see full credits here.)

I'll have to admit that the second layout is probably my favorite of the two. Probably cause I think it really reflects how I feel about my sweetie. Next month we will be celebrating eight years of marriage and I feel so blessed to be married to my hubby. I really couldn't have asked for more in a man and I love him more than I can possible express on my blog. I think this layout does offer a glimpse in to how much I love him.


Dina said...

by "Blog train",I comehere to visit your blog. I was pretty surprised with many beautiful pages. Congratulations on your creativity and neatness. Hugs

hollygtn said...

I like the design of the first one better....but I'm a big fan of big photos, so if I was scrapping my sweetie that would be my favorite too. Nicely done and I love how you interpreted the song/theme.