Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 11 - Day 16 (January 11 - 16, 2010)

Day 11: The Golden Corral Finally Opened

Yes, I know that doesn't sound too exciting.  But it's been more than five years since they originally erected the "coming soon" sign.  They really redefined that phrase.  This is my desert, chocolate volcano cake..

Day 12: Tennis Shoes For Too Long

I rarely wear anything but sandals.  Yet I wore tennis shoes or boots for almost two weeks straight. Boy was I glad to return to sandals.

Day 13: Return of My Camera

On the 4th, my Canon XS started making its way to Virginia for warranty repairs.  It returned to me on the 13th.  Kudos to Canon for the quick repair work.

Day 14: Helping with the Children at Church

My husband and I helped out by watching the children while the women had their monthly "Chicks in Aprons" class.  This is my husband playing ball with one of the kids.

Day 15: Date Night

From this point on, I resolve to take a picture related to our weekly "date night".  This week we went out for sushi, because we had a gift card.  Boy was it yummy.

Day 16: Lorenzo

This is our cat Lorenzo.  I needed to take a picture and she definitely needs to be in my "year of pics".  (Yes, Lorenzo is a girl.)

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