Friday, September 15, 2006

My Dog Sanosuke

Would someone please tell my dog Sanosuke, that eveything is not about him. He wants all the toys, all the food, all the everything. Just now, I had to take my skirt away from him. He just turned 7 months old on Wednesday and I think he is trying to drive me nuts. I really, really do. And guess what, it's working. Sanosuke can be so sweet and I really love him, but he would try the patience of a Saint. I know he tries the patience of my other two dogs, Sazume and Smokey. But it is fun to see Smokey, the toy poodle, tell Sanosuke how it is. Sanosuke weighs close to 60 pounds, so it's pretty funny. Sazume is just a sweetheart who puts up with way too much from Sanosuke and never complains. She just has such a loving heart. I love all three of them tons.

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