Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Wonderful Fid Babies


I can't believe it. I wrote out this great story about how Bonita came into my home and Blogger ate it. Ugh!!!! Anyway, as requested, here are some pictures of two of my fids, Bonita and Dumplin. Bonita is a green cheek conure and Dumplin is a Dutch Blue lovebird.

I have to get going for the day, so I will come back and tell Bonita's story later. (Don't worry, you'll get Dumplin's too.) Posted by Picasa

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{S} said...

aww, they are so sweet.

Lost post's are sad! It happened to me a few times, once while I was signed in as someone else for coding purposes. I freaked. LOL! Even though I signed out and signed back in, I clicked "recover post" and there it was. WHEW! that button has brought back each one I thought had been eaten. Maybe it will work for you too.