Monday, September 25, 2006

Quote of the week 2

I am ready for a new quote, so here's the old one.

The Constitution has too often been misused for personal gain. Individual desires have been palmed off as scholarship. Politicians have pandered to the public by compounding misunderstandings of Supreme Court decisions, not correcting them. Constitutional pronouncements appear everywhere, from bumper stickers to talk shows. Too many people appear in classrooms, pulpits, campaign platforms, and mass circulation magazines, telling us not what they believe the Constitution means, but what they insist it says, giving every appearance that they are the sole heirs of James Madison's wisdom. - Paul Martin Wolff

1 comment:

Jen Hoover said...

forget the darn quotes woman... let's see pictures of your fids!!! :D

and talk about the silly things they do!! :)

How do the dogs all deal with the fids anyway? when we finally purchase our *own* home we are getting a REAL dog ;) teehee... right now our jack russell has to suffice.