Monday, August 27, 2007

Family History Work Continues

The birth certificate for hubby's maternal grandmother arrived today. I was so excited. In fact, I am pretty sure I was more excited than he. And I did gain some valuable information as I now know the name of my husband's maternal great-grandmother, Emma M Hauck. I hope to be able to get farther on his mother's family line now, but for today I am just excited to finally have this information.

I also want to give kudos to the City of New York. They make it so easy to order a birth certificate as you can do it online without having to pay a third party. I have not found another city or state, including New York state that give you this option. I think it's great that New York City has provided this option, so I wanted to make mention of it here.

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fuzzywhitedogs said...

That's great that New York City was so helpful! My mom is very much into geneaology (sp?) too. If it's ok I will share that website with her (even though she is a Baptist) ;-)